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The "official" answer (and a new sample puzzle) will appear in a few weeks.
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The Sage's Simcha   

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This is where we put the harder puzzles.  So step up to the Sage-o-meter and sample your seichel!
Sample Puzzle #3: 
This morning I came home from shabbos services and saw my wife putting a cut plant into water.  My visiting in-laws and I said nothing.  Then we all went out for lunch. When we came back, I went to shul for mincha with my father-in-law. I was the only Lei-vi there, yet I got no aliya.  Later on, at shalosh seudos we suddenly heard an unusual sound above us!  Looking up, what do you think we saw?

You've given me a headache. Take me to the Trivia Test instead.

Moshiach will answer this question.  In the meantime, let's see the previous sample puzzle.

Hah! You call *that* a puzzle?  Have *I* got a puzzle for *you*!!!

I am ready to post my solution (or a comment) for all to see.

Let me peek at the answers and comments that others have submitted.

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